Bringing Change to Local Governance 


The BITBo is a reliable, integrated and automated system specially developed for the barangays in the Philippines. It provides a more organized approach to processing, storing, and managing data that are relevant and needed by the barangays. Barangay IT Robot is designed to handle a wide-range of information relating to barangay profile, citizens profile, barangay IDs/clearances/certifications, blotter cases, local businesses, and barangay legislation. The system is equipped with features and functionalities that will provide complete and accurate information for a more effective management of barangay transactions.


Citizen’s Profiling

Blotter / Patawag Handling

Business Directory

Queries & Reports

Ordinances Directory

Certification Issuance

Online Barangay ITPS Chatbot


Most frequent questions and answers

BITBo is GFMIC’s response to social responsibility – to be an innovator in governance and bring the Philippines into a state of an evolving technology driven nation. The solution is inspired by the GFMIC members coming from the different barangays. GFMIC will continue its partnership with the GFMIC barangay members and envisions that the solution will grow into a “one-stop-shop” system for the local government.

  • It supports the government’s program in process simplification
  • Lessens barangay citizens’ waiting time on requests
  • It will serve as a tool to lessen document handling by the barangay staff
  • Data are readily available for the barangay officials
  • Updates on data can be done easily

– BITBo is continuously evolving to fulfill the GFMIC’s social responsibility in creating a significant change in governance.


  • Barangay must be an Institutional Member of GFMIC.
  • Barangay must register online for GFMIC’s approval to download the software.
  • Barangay is not allowed to distribute copies of the software to other barangays.
  • Hardware and Software Requirements:

On Premise:

       Software Requirements:

  • Xampp 7.1.32 or Higher
  • PHP 7.2.0 or Higher
  • Composer

        Hardware Requirements:

  • Intel i3 4th Gen
  • 2GB Ram
  • 500mb Disk Space


On Cloud:

      Software Requirements:

  • Xampp 7.1.32 or Higher
  • PHP 7.2.0 or Higher
  • Composer

      Hardware Requirements:

  • Intel i3 4th Gen
  • 2GB Ram
  • Internet

– The Municipality of TANAY is our main contributor to date. Other inputs are coming from agencies needing data from barangays such as DILG, COA, Philhealth, etc.

Version 2.5 Coming soon!

Barangay Profiling Information System or as popularly known as BITBo will be releasing a new mobile app!

Its New!

Bitbo joins the Android craze with its BITBoApp.

Say goodbye to Paper and pencil household data gathering! Do that paperless walk as you get the data around your barangays. Use BITBoAPP.

Features in Version 2!

Barangay Profiling Information System or as popularly known as BITBo will be releasing a new version with the following as some of its highlights. 

NCDC Aligned

The new version is now aligned with the National Child Development Center that keeps track of the entire record of the household (home, father, mother & child).

CHSR Aligned

Community Health and Service Records required by the Department of Health is now part of the new version.


With the new security framework in place, you can use the system with peace of mind.

UI Design

A brand new, interactive, intuitive and user-friendly user interface!

Household Survey

Conducting and compiling surveys have never been easier!


Oversee your entire Barangay through your own executive dashboard.


The new version can now be configured using cloud !

Stand Alone

The new version can also be used by isolated barangays in the Philippines.

These reports include:
          • Barangay Census
          • List of OFW’s
          • List of Indigenous People
          • List of Immigrants, Native Residents, Transients
          • List of out-of school youth
          • List of early pregnancies
          • Family Planning Reports
          • Referral and service slips (health services)
          • Family Profiles (Home, Mother, Father & Child)
          • Consolidated Community Profile
          • Family Planning Class Report
          • Migration Data Sheet

Recent Implementations

BITBo has been already been implemented in different barangays around the country. 

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