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October 27, 2021  |  9:00 AM EDT (1:00 PM UTC)

Climate Responsive PFM: Policies, Practices, and Tools for Achieving Environmental Goals

This 60-minute panel discussion with financial management professionals from Deloitte and the PEFA Secretariat will present the key elements for introducing climate responsive public financial management (PFM) practices into a country’s policy and fiscal framework. Participants will gain an understanding of the links between fiscal policies and practices and the achievement of environmental commitments and become familiar with tools (e.g., Green Budgeting) and guidance and resources (e.g., PEFA Climate Framework) that can help them get started

1.2 CPEs are available 


Moderator: Jimmy Rollins

Senior Manager, Deloitte



Antonio Leonardo Blasco

Senior Financial Management Specialist, PEFA Secretariat



Christopher Kaczmarski

Specialist Leader, Deloitte



Katherine Grau-Zavaleta

Manager, Deloitte





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