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The BITBo is a reliable, integrated and automated system specially developed for the barangays in the Philippines. It provides a more organized approach to processing, storing, and managing data that are relevant and needed by the barangays. Barangay IT Robot is designed to handle a wide-range of information relating to barangay profile, citizens profile, barangay IDs/clearances/certifications, blotter cases, local businesses, and barangay legislation. The system is equipped with features and functionalities that will provide complete and accurate information for a more effective management of barangay transactions.

“What is it that the pandemic has brought us, other than the virus COVID19, that will stay with us even if the pandemic is over?"

Warm greetings to everyone!

Welcome to the 2021 Membership Conference of the Government Financial Management
Innovators Circle (GFMIC), Inc. /with the theme Financial Trends and Transformation in the New Normal/

We thank you for attending our conference. /In view of the ongoing pandemic,/ this year’s
conference is special as the Members of the Board of Trustees /have decided to extend to all
our delegates, / membership in our association from November 18, 2021 to November 18, 2022. /

This year’s conference will not be possible without the able leadership /of the Chairperson of
the 2021 Membership Conference, GFMIC Trustee Ester A. Aldana,/ Assistant Secretary,
Department of Interior and Local Government /and Vice Chairperson, GFMIC Trustee
Clarito Alejandro D. Magsino,/ Assistant Secretary, Department of Budget and Management,
/with the full support and cooperation of all the members of the Executive Committee/ the
members of the Board of Trustees and the members of the various working committees;/
Our organization, the Government Financial Management Innovators Circle, Inc./ which is
formerly known as the Electronic Financials Users Circle (EUC),/ is the “Premier partner in
building capacities towards effective Public Financial Management Systems”. /It “Champions
the effective mainstreaming of responsive and ethical Public Financial Management systems”/

This year’s membership conference aims to update members on latest developments in public
financial management and the challenges faced during the pandemic, /to recognize significant
accomplishments of users of e NGAS and e Budget System being rolled out by the Commission on Audit/ 

and to foster familiarity, camaraderie and friendship among the members of the organization./

On the first day of the conference, we are fortunate to have with us as keynote speaker /the
Honorable Chairperson of the Commission on Audit./ We shall also confer a Distinguished
Public Service Award to the Honorable Chairperson of the COA/.
We shall be acquainted with the COA’s Digitization: The Road Towards an Integrated
Financial Management Information System./ There will be awarding of significant
accomplishments/ of selected users of the e NGAS and e Budget System./ This is a
continuing advocacy of our association. /It must be recalled that the GFMIC formerly EUC
was founded in 2006 by advocates of the use of these systems implemented by the
Commission./ These systems benefit the accountants and other finance users of government
agencies./ At the same time, /it enables the Commission to gather the needed financial reports
from the agencies,/ for it to pursue its mandate of preparing for the government annual
financial statements and reports./ On day one of the conference/ we shall also understand how
government funds are audited during the pandemic, an interesting topic for all of us./
The Committee on Elections of GFMIC/ will announce the vacancies in the Board of
Trustees /which shall be filled up during the Membership Conference./
On Day 2 of the Conference, /we will have election of the members of the Board of Trustees
as well as the Membership Meeting; we will be informed on the significance of the National
ID in the life of the Filipino/ and know some updates on Philhealth benefits./
Going back to my question earlier, one of the necessities that will stay with us even if the 
pandemic is over,

 is the widespread digitization which enables the way we do things during this crucial and challenging times.

Nobody has predicted the coming of the pandemic in our lives. The pandemic has created a lot of necessities.
Indeed, Plato was right. “Necessity is the mother of innovations” The innovative use of
technology, the extensive use of digital systems, artificial intelligence, robotics, machine
learning and other new technologies was ushered in by the pandemic.
The challenge for us in the Public Financial Management Sector is to be quickly and
adequately capacitated on the innovative use of the technology. If for writers, we say,
“publish or perish”, for us in PFM, the call is “capacitate or perish”.
The various topics in this conference will help equip and capacitate us on how to survive the
challenges of the new normal in our workplace.
So my dear fellow GFMICians, sit back, relax and let us enjoy the new knowledge, learnings,
sharing and each other’s company during the GFMIC 2021 Membership Conference.
Ingat at Mabuhay tayong lahat! God bless everyone.


Board of Trustees

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