Greetings from GFMIC, Inc. (formerly Electronic Financials Users’ Circle (EUC), Inc.)!

The GFMIC, Inc. will be holding its 2024 Membership Conference at the Crown Legacy Hotel, Baguio City, on November 20-22, 2024. During this event, the GFMIC, Inc., in recognition of the significant accomplishments and contributions of users of the electronic New Government Accounting System (eNGAS) and electronic Budget (eBudget) System during the period June 1, 2023 to May 31, 2024, will be awarding government entities/system users under the following categories:

  1. eNGAS/eBudget System Inclusiveness Award (formerly Gallantry Award);
  2. eNGAS/eBudget System Grassroot Implementer Award
  3. eNGAS/eBudget System Collaborator/Contributor Award
  4. Outstanding eNGAS/eBudget System User Entity Award
  5. Outstanding eNGAS/eBudget System User Audit Team Award
  6. eNGAS/eBudget System Hall-of-Fame Award (New Award Category)

The eligibility criteria, mechanics and deadlines for the foregoing awards are attached for your reference (Annex A).

In view of the above, we request that your entity submit the Self-Nomination Form, together with soft copy of supporting documents, to the COA Audit Team Leader concerned (for nominations using Annex B-1), and/or to the Government Accountancy Sector, Commission on Audit (for nominations using Annex B-2.1) for verification and validation before submission to the GFMIC, Inc. for final evaluation.

The self-nomination process adopted by the GFMIC, Inc. provides a fair opportunity for all qualified entities/system users to be recipients of the awards.

We look forward to your participation in this endeavor. Thank you.

Very truly yours,



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